Joint-stock company “Feromont Oprema” a.d. is a dynamic company that excels in the fields of design, production, and assembly of thermal energy process, thermomechanical and industrial equipment and plants according to the engineering system. Based in Pancevo, our team of experts forms the core of our organization.

Each individual in “Feromont Oprema” a.d. shares a common vision – to revolutionize our industry and achieve sustainable growth. Dedicated to ethical business and social responsibility, “Feromont Oprema” a.d. recognizes the importance of making a positive impact on the local and global community.

At “Feromont Oprema” a.d. we recognize that our employees are critical to our success. We offer a motivating work environment, opportunities for personal and professional development, and competitive benefits. Locksmiths, welders, forklift operators, metal turners and engineers in technical preparation are some of the positions that make up our personnel structure. If you share our passion and vision, we invite you to join us on the road to success and send your CV through the contact form or email us at