Feromont Oprema

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About Us

Joint-stock company “Fermont Oprema” a.d. Pancevo (which operated under the name Minel Oprema a.d. up until 2007) has been present on the market since 1948. With a qualified and experienced team of 140 employees and strong technical support, “Fermont Oprema” a.d. is capable of realizing projects for the production of highly complex equipment in the sectors of energy, processing industry, construction and likewise. Our company has a design bureau with a license for the design of thermomechanical and processing equipment, as well as for the production of processing and gas installations, facilities for the storage of gas, oil and other resources.

Our company is proud of its long business history and the expertise we bring to every project. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we ensure that every task is carried out to the highest standards. We are determined to continue to lead the industry and provide solutions that advance our customers.


  • I Heat exchangers and pressure vessels
  • II Coolers
  • III Milling plants
  • IV Boiler plants
  • V Storage tanks
  • VI Chimneys